First, and foremost, we are a studio for hire.  Our vision in opening this space was to have creatives from across Houston and the surrounding areas have a spot to come, create and feel at home without pretense or intimidation.  A space that would feel like your own bedroom... a place you can play, learn, experiment, but with great lighting, a white wall, and some pretty epic rental packages to boot.  :)  To rent the studio for your own project (whatever that may be!), head on over to our BOOKING tab and set up your date to create!



Video content is becoming increasingly necessary as social media platforms expand their capacity to deliver and ingest video.  Studies show that social media users are 6x more likely to stop for video content than a still image, and that number is rapidly increasing.  With that, it is crucial now more than ever that your business is creating ways to share engaging and valuable video content with your audience/client/consumer. 


James Costello, co-owner of Studio Vibes, has been a cameraman for the past 20 years.  He started his career in his hometown of Sydney, Australia working for a a major network, and that technical beginning brought him to the US where he has worked in LA, New York, Nigeria and on everything from feature films to commercials, documentaries and prime time television.  He is capable of shooting high-budget commercials with cinema and broadcast gear, as well as filming local ads and social content for YouTube, Instagram and a personal websites.  As a team, Studio Vibes can help you develop valuable content, execute the shoot, edit and deliver a full-video package for your business or brand on any budget.  James' portfolio is here.  And to inquire about beginning the discussion on our video content packages, shoot us an email at: hello@studiovibestx.com



Bri Costello (me, again!) has been shooting special occasions and families for the past 7 years.  Most of that time shooting families was spent shooting outdoors or in people's homes, but moving these sessions in to the studio has been one of the most unexpected blessings of opening this space.  With the experience of a lifestyle/editorial photographer and the capabilities and opportunities of a studio, family photos are taking a refined, yet authentic and simple feel.  By removing so many of the distractions of the outdoors or lighting limitations in a home, the studio allows families to settle in, get comfortable, and allow their true dynamics to unfold.  To book a session in the studio with Bri Costello, please send an inquiry email here and tell us a little about you or your family.  hello@studiovibestx.com



Staying true to our original intention for this space, we want to bring fellow creatives together.  We want Studio Vibes to be a place you can afford to try something new.  A place where you can confidently fail and then find a new success.  We have some pretty amazing lighting gear in the studio, and have realized how intimidating strobes can be.  With that, we are wanting to remove the stigma.  It is okay to be a natural light photographer that also knows how to handle a flash and light a space creatively and intentionally.  Come join us in the studio for MEGA-AFFORDABLE Lighting 101 Workshops where we practice setting up our equipment, learn all the buttons and then actually spend some time shooting models.  We also plan to dive in to some more advanced techniques with gels, light modifiers and strobing techniques and multiple flash units, which would be an Advanced Lighting Course.  Finally, we hope to soon host Open Shoot Nights, where we have a few models come in and open the space up to photographers to come, hang out, shoot the models in the space and get to know one another.  These Workshops and Open Shoot Nights will always be listed on our UPCOMING EVENTS page, so be sure to head there to sign up.  If you don't see an upcoming workshop or networking night, but want a reminder for the next event, shoot an email here, and let us know!  hello@studiovibestx.com



Co-owner and Houston photographer,  Bri Costello (me!) has been in business for over seven years.  Whether you are looking for ecomm product shots of your custom shoes, small gifts, jewelry, apparel, bags, food products, beauty care, and more, we make the entire process of getting all of your images as seamless and worry-free as can be.  We can house all of your products at the studio, spend a day shooting your products so that when you are ready to sell, you can focus on the business and your products images are polished and refined to give your shop the best shot at converting sales. For E-Comm/Product inquiries, please send an email to hello@studiovibestx.com .



Are you an agency model, or just trying to get your start in the industry?  The studio is a great space to come and experiment with lighting and shooting as a photographer, but it is also a great spot for models to update their portfolio and experiment with new looks.  You can never have enough practice, and sometimes, working just for YOU is the best way to spread your wings and reach that next level of your craft.  To book a test shoot with Bri Costello in the studio, reach out here for pricing and availability: hello@studiovibestx.com



As business owners, we know how important social media is this day-in-age.  We know that providing our clients and followers with (beautiful) engaging and relevant content is key to converting sales and creating a loyal clientele.  But as a business owner, even if we have the best of intentions, so often the task of creating and posting content regularly is overwhelming, as there is never enough time, and you are always needed elsewhere.  Well, allow Studio Vibes to ease your burden and create a monthly content bundle for you.  Bundles include either 15 or 30 images each month of your product creatively shot.  At the beginning of each month, we have a quick chat to discuss monthly goals, sales, and new products, styles or seasonal promotions.  From there, we create a mood board and shot list that is approved by you.  You send us your products and we shoot them in the studio, send you the images, and you have your content for the month!  We are able to both match your aesthetic and help create creative imagery that will speak to your audience and draw in new followers.  The best part of this service is that you don't even need to be local to use us.  You can ship your product directly to us!  To learn more about Social Media Content Packages, send an email here: hello@studiovibestx.com



Need to update that headshot, but totally dread the idea of standing in front of a stale gray backdrop?  Us too!  Studio Vibes hosts monthly Head Shot Happy Hours with Bri Costello.  What is Head Shot Happy Hour?  You (and  hopefully a group of your soon-to-be buds) come to the studio where we provide the ice, glassware, etc. for your BYO headshot experience.  It can be unpleasant in front of the camera for many, so when you come with your crew and a little liquid encouragement in hand (even if it's the soda pop kind!), it turns in to a fun night out and before you know it, you are having a great time and getting some amazing photos that make you feel like YOU.  To sign up for our next OPEN Head Shot Happy Hour, head to our EVENTS page and follow the link to sign up.  To inquire about setting up your own private HSHH with a group of your gals or your business, fill out this form and let's get the convo started!